Dating a wasp guy

Posted by / 03-Sep-2017 04:16

Maybe he doesn't arrive at every dinner party determined to dazzle all the guests; he tends to speak up only if he actually has something to say.When he does, his views are intelligent and humane, often containing unexpected insights.My boyfriend before Jeremy was an infamous womanizer.

The fact that he didn't match up with my mental checklist of things I was looking for only goes to show you how absurd such a checklist is in the first place. When you scatter seeds in the earth, you never know which ones are going to sprout.

But I think perhaps there are other lessons here as well.

A successful relationship is the product of many factors; compatibility is certainly one of them. You not only have to want the same things; you have to want them at the same time.

He was calm and steady in a crisis, and I sensed that I would be able to count on him as a husband, no matter what challenges arose.

He had a mature understanding of what commitment meant, and he wanted it.

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