Baby boomer dating updating rpm commands

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Baby boomer dating

Generations Y and Z may not quite see it this way yet, but Baby Boomers have made the Earth a better place to live, thanks to many ground-breaking inventions.Those born between 19 has seen more meteoric changes than our parents could ever have conceived, even if flying cars aren't an automotive staple yet.In an effort to educate the younger set, here's a list of the top 10 Baby Boomer inventions that rocked our world -- in no particular order. DNA Fingerprinting Where would CSI be without DNA fingerprinting, invented by Sir Alec Jeffreys (born 1950)? Robert Jarvik (born 1946) was inspired to create the implantable artificial heart after his fathered needed surgery for an ailing heart.The Knight of the British Empire discovered sequences within strands of DNA that vary from one person to the next in a unique ridge pattern on fingertips. The Jarvik 7 was the first such device to actually be implanted inside a human body.

Unhappy with the clumsy artificial leg with which he was fitted, Phillips switched majors and went on to invent a limb based on the C-shape of a cheetah's rear leg.The system is so incredibly useful that roughly 250 million new Ethernet switch ports are shipping worldwide each year.See what Yale had to say about this invention back in 1995. The Nanoscale Motor A team led by Alex Zetti (born 1956) invented a motor that was just 500 nanometers across.She has been featured in USA Today, Detroit News, New Orleans Times-Picayune, New Yorker magazine, "ABC World News," NBC's "TODAY" show and many other media outlets.Recent articles about the possibility of foreign terrorists taking out the internet with worms and viruses reminded me of a time on November 22nd 1987 when a couple of guys, one wearing a Max Headroom Mask, took over the television airwaves in Chicago, disabling two different stations in order to broadcast their own twisted idea of entertainment. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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His work came long before surgical methods to transplant other human organs. Apple II Everyone knows about Steve Jobs (born 1955), but people tend to forget Steve Wozniak (born 1950) partnered with his more famous half to launch a technological revolution.

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